It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s even better however if you can learn from other people’s mistakes, success, failures, and experience. I always find “lessons learned” posts where people openly and honestly share their experiences and the things they’ve learned along the way to be interesting and valuable reads, particularly when it’s about WordPress business. Over the years many WordPress professionals have generously shared the lessons they have learned creating and selling WordPress products and running WordPress businesses. Below we’ve compiled links to many interesting and useful WordPress business “lessons learned” posts and videos. If you’re running a WordPress business (or thinking of starting a WordPress business) the lessons learned and advice shared in these posts are incredibly valuable. You can learn from their experiences, insights, success, and failures, and hopefully gain some valuable knowledge and advice you can apply to build and run a successful WordPress business. Lessons Learned from writing a premium WordPress plugin Daron Spence shares his experience and lessons learned creating a premium WordPress plugin Still in Business Dan Cameron shares his experience
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