Let’s say that you ran a poll through the WordPress developer community. It asked the following question: “What defines WordPress?”. The odds are that the plugin API would come up near the top. From a developer’s perspective (and for the sake of my introduction), there’s nothing that defines WordPress like it. It’s the workhorse of the WordPress ecosystem. You use to build anything that you want with WordPress. There are plenty of articles out there that show you how to use it, but little on how it works. That makes it a bit misunderstood and lonely (APIs have feelings you know). It’s time we showed some love for this hard worker. Actions vs Filters The first thing to look at is the concept of Actions and Filters. It’s an important aspect of the plugin API. Actions and Filters serve two different purpose for WordPress. That said, they leverage the same system within it. Their purpose Let’s start with the purpose of the “action hook”. When WordPress calls an “action hook”, the plugin API notifies anyone interested in it. Those interested parties can then decide if they’d like do something or not. That something always relates to how WordPress works. Someone might want to add new functionality
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