Today begins year number two with Crowd Favorite. It’s hard to believe 365 days have passed since I joined the company. When I took the job… When I took the job I had hoped to travel less. The quarter of my first year didn’t feel like less travel, but I only just started traveling again after three months of barely driving (and never driving to an airport) – so all in all, it was indeed a bit less travel. When I took the job I was excited to build a leadership team under me that would be fun to lead and fantastic at mentoring others. This past week, before the year was complete, Carrie Dils started as a team lead. That puts Carrie, Brian Richards and Pat Ramsey in the “leaders hired this past year” column, as they join the already excellent Cristi Rusu. When I took the job I knew part of my focus was on performance optimization. It always is and this was no different. I’m very proud to say that utilization is up. So is project efficiency. These dynamics have both short and long term impact on lots of other metrics, which all looks good. When I took the job I came on board to help my friend Karim (and CEO) with strategy. It’s been a good year of fleshing out what we want to be when we
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