Early next year, on Jan. 28, WordPress development agency Human Made is hosting a conference focusing solely on the WordPress REST API — appropriately named A Day of REST. While niche WordPress conferences are on the rise — with LoopConf for developers, PressNomics and Prestige Conference for career development, and too many blogging-centric conferences to mention — A Day of Rest is the first of its kind. The WordPress REST API is an important new feature and faces the challenge of mass adoption. Educating both WordPress developers and those who are looking to integrate WordPress’s content management system with some other framework or technology using the WordPress REST API is a huge task. For this reason, a conference dedicated solely to the REST API makes a lot of sense. The conference has attracted a lot of attention, including many developers in the US, who hope to see a second Day of REST or something similar held in the states. I asked Joe Hoyle, co-founder of Human Made if such a conference may be coming. “We don’t have any immediate / definite plans, however if it’s a success and enjoyed I don’t see why wouldn’t try set something up, or partner with someone else to do that,”
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