For those of you who have been using WordPress for the better part of a decade, you might remember the classic Kubrick theme. WordPress 1.5, released in 2005, introduced themes to the world, and their style and usability has been one of the main factors behind WordPress’s extraordinary growth. In the earliest days, most WordPress themes were relatively simple, designed with one purpose in mind, and featured stripped-back functionality – so-called “niche themes”. Over the last few years, everything has changed, however: in 2015, niche themes are a something of a dying breed. These days, WordPress consumers are far more likely to spend their hard-earned cash on powerful multi-purpose themes. Just take a look at the top-selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest; all of the top ten either feature the word “multi-purpose” in the name or would fall into the multi-purpose category. These themes have tens of thousands of downloads to their name, too. However, despite all of their customization options, versatility, and added functionality, the multi-purpose themes aren’t always the best option. Today, I want to speak up for the small guys, by arguing the point that simple WordPress themes are
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