Welcome to the seventh edition of our transparency report! In this series, I’m talking about everything going on at CodeinWP that’s interesting from a business perspective. I’m doing what I can to be transparent, share our current strategies, goings-on, wins and loses, and basically everything else that happens in our day-to-day. (Here are all the previous reports, if you want to check them out.) In this edition, I talk about everything that happened at CodeinWP in August 2015: The true face of the current WordPress theme market Staying ahead of the curve is a tough thing to do. This is something I do realize now more than ever before. The market indeed changes a lot. And it’s not just some empty talk by a random business owner. I really do mean it! Paying attention to what other people are doing and taking notes is a mandatory thing these days. However, just trying to blatantly copy them afterwards isn’t a good long term strategy. It’s a bit more complex than that, I’m afraid. And I’m guessing this doesn’t only apply to the WordPress niche. For instance, let’s take our most popular free theme – Zerif Lite. Long story short, we certainly hit a sweet spot with it, all things considered.
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