We have been working very hard on . This cool new add-on lets you create complex sequences of forms. Today this new plugin is entering a public beta phase. Connected Caldera Forms allows you to do what one form alone can’t do. It links multiple forms into a sequence of forms, with conditional steps. This add-on combines multiple forms into one, create complex and variable sales paths, surveys, quizzes, event registrations and more. This powerful solution for creating forms with multiple steps allows you to keep each step short, and quick to load. Since the entry is updated after each step, you will have the data from a partial saved submission, allowing you to follow up and prevents loosing potential leads that are unable to complete a long form. Best of all, Connected Forms has the highly intuitive user interface you’ve come to expect from Caldera Forms, making what could be very complex, easy to setup via a visual interface. Try It Out Today During the beta period, you can download the add-on from its Github repo while in beta. Since it is a beta, we recommend that you throughly test it before using it on a live site. Also, keep in mind that this Github repo will become private once
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