Is there anything more heartbreaking than visiting a site 6 months after handoff to find it in disarray? Or coming to the end of a project so frustrated that the idea of client training is painful? We’ll go through 15 best practices you can undertake to ensure the website you turn over is sustainable, that client and provider leave the experience happier and we all stop wasting each other’s time. Practices will cover internal processes as well as inherent WP tools to create better workflow and UI on the dashboard.

Amanda Blum

A marketing and web services provider for more than 15 years, A longstanding and respected member of the WordPress community, Amanda has organized two of the largest and most popular WordCamp Conferences as well speaking at WordPress meetups in Boston, San Francisco, Providence, Phoenix and New York and WordCamps all over the world on e-commerce, NPO integration with WordPress and content strategy/information architecture using WordPress.

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