As we’re getting closer to a release of VersionPress 2.0, I’m going to blog about a couple of features that are coming as part of that release. Probably the biggest one is database synchronization which enables things like painless staging, team workflows, etc. This area is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing WordPress sites and I think we have a pretty interesting solution in v2. A brief introduction Although the sync / staging functionality is only coming out now, it was actually this very thing that got us started on VersionPress a couple of years back. My personal experience with WordPress has always been that it is a great CMS as long as you can afford to stay in a single instance scenario, but I didn’t quite know how to quickly clone the site to a safe environment, test the changes there and merge them back to the live site again. I stress the last part because that is the really tricky one. Cloning is relatively easy as you can just copy all the files and the database, tweak some settings like the site’s URL and that’s basically it. The copy & paste approach works well here. Where it doesn’t work well, if at all, is the opposite direction. When you have some
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