SHARE THIS 16 447 5 Last week during a conversation with few friends, we started talking about the NEW Facebook Notes feature that could be coming soon. We talked about how it could impact our blog traffic, what are some possible ways we could potentially exploit it, and the overall impact of it in the advertising space. So what is this Facebook Notes thing? From just looking at the preview, it looks a lot like the blogging network, Medium. You have a clean layout with cover photos (aka featured images). TheNextWeb reports that it’ll have features like user tagging, hashtags, and other standard features such as ability to add links, resize photos, etc. You can also choose who sees your notes (public, friends, friends and extended network, etc). So why is Facebook trying to get into the blogging space? Same reason why they added native videos. Facebook wants to expand it’s advertising business! According to SimilarWeb: from February to July of 2015, Facebook sent more than 49.1 million visitors every month to, over 7 million to Medium, and about 914,000 to Blogger. That’s ONLY on Desktop. It’s also important to note that for WordPress and Medium, Facebook was the primary
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