Recently I’ve been working on getting a presentation ready for WordPress Leeds. Unlike previous presentations I make, this one has been prepared well in advance, with me taking advantage of Cyprus airports’ generous WiFi hotspots and also pool time. The presentation is on Aesop Story Engine, a plugin I discovered fairly recently thanks to working with a client who recommended it to us. Whilst it does the job and is relatively easy to set up, it isn’t without it’s problems. One such problem manifested itself when I was writing the plugin – it’s strange incompatibility with TwentyThirteen. Often (and to be fair, they do warn you), the changes are merely CSS changes. However there can be some other changes that need to be implemented. The Problem – Aesop’s Chapter Component is Hidden Probably one of the most useful component for Aesop is the “Chapter” component. What this component does is allows you to split your content up into Chapters, in an attractive way, with the possible addition of a background image or a video. It adds on to the sidebar a sticky menu, allowing navigation of the content, as you can see in this example below with the tag icon to the right of the content. The problem
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