In our previous PHP 7 vs HHVM benchmark, Benchmark Series 2: WordPress, we saw HHVM outperform PHP 7 by 7% on WordPress. That test was performed without any cache involvement to test pure HHVM and PHP 7 performance. But what about WordPress performance in a real world situation? According to W3Techs’ usage report, WordPress is used by 24.3% of all the websites and holds 58.7% of the content management system market share. As the #1 content management system, we want to see how fast WordPress can be in a real world environment. To this extent, LiteSpeed Technologies is currently developing our own WordPress cache plugin and are excited to share more information on this project as soon as it is available. In the meantime, a third party page caching solution, WP Super Cache, was used for this round of benchmarks. These benchmarks are using PHP 7, but are meant only as a WordPress benchmark. Two cache modes in WP Super Cache were used for this test, “Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files” and “Use PHP to serve cache files”. According to their product description, “mod_rewrite” is the fastest and most recommended way to serve cache files as web servers would rather serve from static files
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