All my sites are down. They've been down since at least 7am ET today. I have no idea when they will be back up or what their condition will be when I get to them. I use a very well-regarded managed hosting provider named SiteGround. With a few limited exceptions, they've been a pleasure to work with. The idea behind managed hosting (in my case, for WordPress sites) is that the hosting provider does extra support and provides extra services to keep your site up and running. You pay a bit more, but the added help is generally worth the price. I used to run all my own servers, and when I was faced with a denial of service attack, I had to go it alone. I would normally share with you a link about my story about the time when Connected Photographer got hit by a million computers a day, but the Connected Photographer archives, like the rest of my sites, are down. This morning, I got an alert that my main site was down. I promptly tried connecting, and it was down for me as well. I checked with and the site listed as up. That was odd, so I contacted SiteGround support. I was quickly told that there was a DDoS and a status message I could read in my main dashboard.
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