Many businesses and marketers building WordPress sites tend to see them as their online brochures — digital marketing channels that build awareness, capture search traffic, engage social traffic, and convert that traffic into new business. While there’s no doubt this strategy works, it limits the potential of a WordPress site. A benefit of interactive tools on your site is that most of your visitors are interactive learners. They’ll read a page subhead that claims site visitors will save 20 percent on your service, but calculating the actual amount leaves a much more impressionable result. Building a calculator into your WordPress site is one example of designing interactivity. Perhaps visitors are wondering how much money they could save by switching to your service. Maybe they need a quote based on dimensions or quantities. Or perhaps they wish to calculate a loan payoff. When you provide a calculator on your WordPress site to meet these needs, you can engage visitors and position your site as a useful resource. WordPress developers often hard-code functionality like this into a theme. The problem, though, is that interactive content is not a design element — it’s content. If you
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