Recently I was listening to the Apply Filters podcast. In Episode 45 they discussed Google Analytics tracking for their projects. It’s something I should do better, but at the moment I’ve not been playing around with it too much. One area that I am looking to optimise is the automatic tweets that I have running on the Winwar Media Twitter account. I talked about the process of promoting old content here, but one thing I noticed is that all the links were tagged by Buffer. Whilst appreciated, it wasn’t ideal, as I didn’t know how popular they were. As such, I carried out a bit of optimising using my own campaign tracking. What Is Campaign Tracking? Campaign tracking involves adding to the end of links data which tells Google Analytics where the user who has visited your site comes from. As time goes on, things like referral data and search metrics will disappear from Google Analytics. And as the web appears to be moving towards more secure protocol, link tagging will give you a way to track meaningful data again. This is particularly useful for any link you put out in your marketing efforts. Things like tweets, links in plugins, or advertising should have their campaign tracking on them.
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