More importantly however, by having the email addresses of your visitors you can speak directly with your target audience, sharing information relevant to them and starting a dialogue that interests them. This article will cover everything from choosing an email marketing service to creating a lead magnet; so read on to find out how to get started today. This approach means your site will receive returning visitors, who will stay for longer and who are much more likely to read, become involved in and even buy the products or services you are promoting on your site. This article will give you a step by step account of how to create a mailing list for your WordPress website with practical advice on how to get the ball rolling with it, ensuring not just that you have a mailing list but that people sign up to it. Final Thoughts Many articles on this topic offer you the chance of learning how to add ‘thousands’ of emails to your mailing list each month. However, that is not what you want. You want people to join your list that are genuinely interested in the topic of your website and what you have to offer, otherwise it is just a waste of your time and theirs when you email them. Therefore,
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