If you have made any kind of online purchase – be it clothes or mobile apps or booking a hotel room – you know what you look for first after you have spotted something you want to buy: reviews. Does the product have happy customers? For an e-commerce website it is especially important – if you find websites selling similar products but one has lots of customer reviews or testimonials, you are more likely to order from that one. It is a proven strategy – just look at how successful the larger sites like Amazon are, the customer reviews greatly help with this. Customer feedback serves as both – a meter of your performance so far and a guiding star to your future performance. You as a seller and/or provider of service get to gauge how your product is being received. Even if you are well-established in your domain, periodical and/or regular customer feedback helps you keep your business on track and see where you can improve and where you are falling short of customer’s expectations. In addition, from the feedback if you look out for areas of improvement, you have opportunity to serve your customer better or even provide a better product. One of the main reasons to conduct a feedback survey
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