We are ready again to inspire you with our series of interviews with CMS experts today. This time, our blog guest is Michael Bastos, an experienced WordPress and Ruby on Rails developer, founder of Advanced WordPress Facebook group, Pricels.com, and a very witty interviewee. Enjoy the read! Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Michael. Can we have a bit of background information – how did you get into WordPress industry? What is WordPress for you these days? My adult career started with 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, when I got out as a Sergeant in 2009 I needed a way to make money while I tried to finish my degree in Computer Science. At the time it was mostly fixing servers and networks, most of the folks I did work for would turn around and ask me if there was anything I could do for their site and I hadn’t touched web design since doing it as a teenager in the 90’s so I started researching. Structurally the software engineer inside of me really started to like Drupal but WordPress had a community that I had not been aware of. After a few months of research when I finally needed to make a decision on which platform to get behind I realized that most of the friends
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