With more than 16 years of experience as a web developer under his belt, Jason Resnick is one of the most famous WordPress mavens in the community. He is currently associated with Wajig, an evolving WordPress company, as a solutions specialist. He is also the owner of a firm that provides security solutions for WordPress websites. He is a devoted family man, who enjoys playing hockey, football in his spare time. We at Cloudways thank Jason Nick for sharing with us his precious time for our trademark interview series. In this interview, he has spoken at length about his early freelance experiences, business ventures, interests, and above all his motivation for living the life to the fullest. You can catch him live at WordCamp NYC 2015. Cloudways: Jason, you are a development virtuoso. With 16 years of experience in web development under your belt, share your journey with us. How did you come across WordPress? What other platforms have you worked on? Jason: Thanks so much for the kind words! One day, while I was sitting at my desk at the agency I was working at full time, I was literally starting to nod off looking at a screenful of code. I could barely keep my eyes open, even with the
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