So, you’ve started out as a WordPress Plugin Developer and are looking to make it big. You may be looking for a means of successfully selling your plugin, or perhaps you’ve already been making efforts with little success to date. If you believe the sales pitch, CodeCanyon should be the answer to your less-than-stellar sales. It provides a popular marketing platform that will enable an uncountable number of people to discover and purchase your plugin. But does CodeCanyon really deliver? It’s certainly not the only way to succeed as a WordPress plugin developer, so you’d do well to consider your options carefully before making the next step. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of operating within the CodeCanyon ecosystem; by the end, you’ll know what to do next. What Is CodeCanyon? CodeCanyon is an online marketplace that enables WordPress developers to share their products with the world. It hasn’t enjoyed the most positive reputation within the core WordPress community over the years (most concerns have focused on licensing issues and a perceived lack of quality in terms of the products sold), but that hasn’t prevented its huge success. CodeCanyon has an enormous customer base
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