Bennie Mellies is a WordPress/Marketing guy from Holland, Groningen who totally loves internet, WordPress, design, marketing and reggae. Bit of a strange combination maybe. But for Bennie it’s the perfect fit. Enjoy the interview and feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments section below the post. You are the proud owner of different websites & business concepts (,,,,, What is your true forté? What I love to do most is building assets. Every domain name and website can be seen as an asset. But also every beat I produce is a digital asset. While building assets you meet new people and you expand your network. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, so you have to be creative and experiment a lot. That’s why I am not limited to my website but try new services, websites and monitor startups and competitors seeking opportunities. I like to experiment with these to offer my customers and visitors the best value and showcase my expertise. I am active on different platforms, varying from internet and affiliate marketing to WordPress, blogging, music, expert platforms, marketplaces
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