On Wednesday night, at an event in San Francisco, Automattic founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg answered a wide range of questions in conversation with one of the earliest investors in the company, Tony Conrad of True Ventures. (Conrad is also the cofounder and CEO of the self-expression platform About.me.) One of the most interesting aspects of the talk touched on the future of an internal messaging system that Automattic’s far-flung workforce of 400-plus employees relies on, and that Automattic is considering commercializing, according to Mullenweg. Given Automattic’s funding (it raised $160 million last year alone), and its reach (Automattic is the parent company of WordPress, which claims to power 24 percent of all sites), that’s news. Indeed, it’s easy to imagine an Automattic product becoming a strong competitor to both Slack and even to Facebook, which is planning to release its own workplace communications app by year end. More from the evening’s conversation, edited for length, follows. Mullenweg, on “keeping things fresh” for himself, given that he founded Automattic 10 years ago: “I change my hairstyle every six months,” he said, laughing. On the future of open, distributed,
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