In this post, we’re going to be taking a closer look at payment gateways. This includes comparing the industry’s main players, plus we’ll be calculating the most cost-effective service. We’re finding out who the winner is between: PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments .Are you looking to make the correct payment gateway decision for your business? Then read on! So before we start the comparisons, what actually is a payment gateway?Simply put, payment gateways are used by online businesses to authorize and process customer transactions. In other words, without a payment gateway, a business doesn’t get paid. Now, even if you’ve never set up a payment gateway yourself, we’ve all used them before from a customer’s perspective – if you’ve ever bought anything online, that is, which should be everyone! Every time you make a purchase with Amazon, your payment goes through Amazon’s payment gateway. PayPal is another instantly recognizable payment gateway that you’ve probably used before. Today, we’re not looking at payment gateways from a customer’s perspective, though; we’re looking at it from the other side – from a business owner’s perspective, aka the merchant. Every business
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