Yesterday, I tweeted about the recent Volkswagen debacle: Volkswagen losing 1/5 its value is a reminder that your reputation is constantly in question, success is relative, and ethics always wins. — John James Jacoby (@JJJ) September 23, 2015 It got me thinking about the WordPress community, who the major players are, and where I might fit into it all on any given day. I’ll start with Automattic and work my way across from there. Full disclosure, if you didn’t know, I worked at Automattic for a few years, so some of my observations are based on internal influences from a company half the size with a different CEO, and 4 of Matt Mullenweg’s hairstyles ago. Automattic, is a powerhouse. They have enormous momentum that’s intimidating to compete with even when you’re trying to carve your own niche. Interested in e-commerce? Woo. Hosting? The cloud? Jetpack. Backups? VaultPress. Together they’ve solved a number of small problems in huge ways, and are uniquely qualified to do so with Matt at the helm and millions in the bank. If you’ve read The Year Without Pants then you got a decent (if bland) idea of how the sausage is made, but my not being a part of Scott’s retelling is
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