Did you know that the majority of internet users are browsing through websites on their mobile devices? If you’re a website owner go to your Google Analytics account and see for yourself. It may not be the majority in your case but I bet at least 30% of your visitors are looking at your website from their smartphones or tablets. Even Google realized the importance of mobile browsing and because of that have updated its algorithm, earlier this year, to show “Mobile friendly’ websites higher in rankings than websites not optimized for mobile devices. Assuming that you are a WordPress user, there is a big probability that your website is already optimized for the perfect mobile experience and that’s awesome. But what about social sharing buttons on your website? This is where social sharing WordPress plugins come in. If your social sharing icons are not optimized for mobile devices you are missing out a huge deal here. Your job as a website owner is to give the best experience possible to your visitors, and that includes the ability to share your content on various social channels as easy as possible. Today I am going the show you what some of the best WordPress plugins are which you can
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