You have this amazing idea for a WordPress plugin – or a twist on an existing idea – and you can’t believe no one else has thought of it. True, there may be competitors, but you feel they’re doing it badly or focusing on all the wrong things. Maybe they’re not including the proper features, or their performance is atrocious. But your competitors’ plugins are selling like hotcakes! No, you’re going to develop this plugin the right way. Wait until users see what you bring to the table; it’s going to be spectacular. Just one problem: you know you’re a rock star coder but you also know a successful plugin must deliver more than just impeccable code. Today, we’re going to go over the seven things your premium plugin must deliver if it’s going to have any chance of being wildly successful. 1. Your Plugin Should Do One Thing Amazingly Well We’ve all seen them; you know the type of plugin I’m talking about. Maybe it’s the social sharing plugin that lets you choose from 50+ button styles, tweaking everything down to the very last pixel. And that’s okay. But, when the plugin also lets you add newsletter opt-in boxes, includes a page builder and caches your site – it might be doing a bit too much.
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