A slow running website not only distracts visitors, but also reflects a bad image in search engine rankings. In order, to avoid any of these problems, you need to check your website’s speed on constant basis and improvise it. Well, there are certain free services engaged for this, and the most preferred is the Pingdom. Once running a quick test of your URL, you can view how your site ranks on a scale of 100. You can also see how its loading speed compares to that of other related sites. It is a great idea to do cross checks, especially after installing new plugins. Here are some other ways that can help you optimize your WordPress website, if your site’s speed doesn’t rank as high as it should be. Always Select Good and Reputed Hosting Provider Try to Select a Good and Reputed Hosting Provider If your loading speed tends to fluctuate a lot, then your current hosting provider might be the main culprit. You should check with your hosting company to confirm a few things like, how many websites they are sharing on the same server? The higher number of websites, the more chances to experience spikes and drops in your site speed. When you are on a shared server, your speed relies not only
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