Building tools, themes, plugins, and applications in WordPress requires a variety of different things if we want to make sure that we're armed with the best possible tools necessary. If you were to ask, say, 10 different people which tools they prefer, you'd not only get a wide array of answers—things from IDEs to dependency management applications to build tools—but you'd also give a variety of different answers, all of which provide similar functionality as to what you may need. For example, some of the things you may read about include: This doesn't even strike the surface of topics like web servers, database systems, and versions of PHP. All of these are important topics that should be discussed, but in their own post. When working with WordPress, some of the non-negotiables as it relates to getting work done efficiently include the following: An IDE A Debugger Code Linting and Minification Version Control Deployment Tools As with most things, developers have their particular choices as to the tools that they enjoy using and why they enjoy using them. In this article, I'm going to share a few of the tools that I prefer to use and that I've found useful in my professional WordPress
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