I fell in love with WordCamps since my first interaction with WordPress. Unfortunately, I have never been able to attend one myself. I was closing in on attending WordCamp Europe 2015, but could not get past the visa hurdles. I am not going to let my dream of being a WordCamp attendee slip away. I am looking towards attending upcoming WordCamps around the world, with WordCamp US being first on the list. Not being able to be physically present in a WordCamp has not dampen my spirits. I have been a part of many WordCamp events- virtually, thanks to Twitter. The social media has proven to be one of the best ways to connect with the community and follow the event using the official hashtag of that WordCamp. WordPress community accepts you with open arms. While I was working on this article, I came across Bridget Willard who only became a WordPress user after interacting with the community at a WordCamp. She told me that “The best part of WordCamp is the community. I’ve been to a lot of different conferences over the years. I’ve never run into a group of more polite, generous, and friendly people.” Her perspective about the WordPress community completely transformed after meeting a few WordPressers.
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