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Remembering Alex King: Matt Mullenweg talks about Alex King, an early WordPress developer and popular speaker at WordCamps.

Habits, Skills, And Tools Of WordPress Developers: Git is wildly popular, but what other tools and timesaving techniques are developers using these days? Find out!

99 Popular Websites That Were Built With WordPress: From celebrities to major TV networks, here’s 99robots’ list of popular WordPress pages (that you didn’t know where built with WordPress).

Lessons Learned From Moderating Comments: Jeff Chandler shares what he’s learned from moderating comments on WP Tavern. “Not only was it an experiment to see what would happen but a new way for me to use WordPress. The experiment introduced me to several drawbacks in WordPress’ comment moderation system.”

How To Fix Common Issues With WordPress Themes: “My slider isn’t sliding! My tabs aren’t tabbing!”

WA Fronted WordPress Plugin: “Frontend editor for WordPress [is] an experiment with a goal to enhance usability and convenience of editing content.”

Free WordPress Themes Roundup: Check out September’s edition of our monthly free theme roundup.

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