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Rest In Peace, Alex King: “Alex was one of the original WordPress developers, and leaves a lasting legacy and impact on the WordPress community.”

WordPress REST API Merge Proposal: After months of excitement and speculation, over the weekend the WordPress core team made a big announcement: It’s time to merge the REST API into the WordPress core.

WordPress Trademark Case Settle Out of Court: Jeff Yablon originally fought the lawsuit, but it was announced on Monday that the two parties had reached an out-of-court settlement.

How To Build Your First Plugin: This thorough guide will help you easily create your first plugin.

Publish To Apple News Plugin: Following Apple’s announcement about displaying news content in iOS9, developers released a WordPress plugin to make it easy to share directly to Apple News. Unfortunately, Apple News is not available to all publishers at this time, so the plugin was moved from the repository to GitHub for the time being. It may be too early to tell how big Apple News will be, but this will probably be an interesting space to keep an eye on.

WordCamp Las Vegas Recap: WPwatercolor shares their highlights from WCLV.

WooCommerce Theme Development Course: Check out this new course on the templates and hooks used by WooCommerce.

The Ultimate Guide To The WordPress Rest API: In case you missed it, our eBook on the WP-API is still available online.

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