WordPress Hybrid Client (WPHC) is an Open Source project available on GitHub that lets you easily create iOS and Android versions of your WordPress website for free. WPHC is based on the Open Source hybrid stack Ionic SDK, Cordova, and Crosswalk . Push notifications Bookmarks (offline mode) Google Analytics support Automatic content updates Social buttons Accessibility (post font size) Multi languages (English, French, Chinese) Infinite scroll Syntax highlighter for tech blogs Image cache App rate Here are a few examples of projects built using WPHC: Installation Warning: This installation works on both OS X and Linux. Windows is not supported yet. First of all you’ll need to clone the project (no need to fork it): $ git clone https://github.com/shprink/wordpress-hybrid-client.git # Open the project folder $ cd wordpress-hybrid-client # List all tags $ git tag v1.0.0 v1.1.0 v1.2.0 v1.3.0 v1.3.1 v1.4.2 # checkout the latest version available $ git checkout v1.4.2 Then, all you need to do is run the following script and wait: sh ./install.sh Configuration Now that the installation is done, you will have two config files created at the project root: config.json for the application configuration
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