One of the things I see a lot when I log into someone’s WordPress website are notifications. I’ve logged into websites where I had to scroll down because notifications pushed the actual page content below the page-fold. I understand notifications are important and why we add them but does that mean they have to be in your face on every single page? I don’t think they should and that’s why I created WP Notification Manager. WP Notification Manager WP Notification Manager is a small WordPress plugin that catches all of these notifications you would normally see on every admin page and puts them into your . The Notification Center and your notifications are accessible via your WordPress toolbar (the black bar on top of each WordPress website) but won’t be displayed by default. There is a small number shown in your toolbar to let you know how many notifications are in your notification center. So what would by default looks like this: Will now look like this: The plugin catches all properly added WordPress notifications so you can install without having to adjust anything to your current website. This first version is very basic but I wanted to check first if there are actually people who
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