Howdy plugin authors! In case you haven’t heard, will be expanding the services we provide to you, offering language packs to all plugins. This post is to outline exactly what the plan is and when your plugin will take part. For a bit of background, see this post on make/meta and this one on make/themes. Over the past few months, the meta team has been working behind the scenes to enable language packs for themes and plugins, just like the ones core has. Language packs on are powered by and the polyglots team, who translate WordPress. As of today, all themes have been imported into and can take advantage of language packs (see also). We chose to import themes first to work out any weirdness with, which has never seen this many projects. There were a few bumps along the way, but language packs are now flowing for themes and we’ve added a number of improvements to to make it the process easier for translators. Now, it’s time to do the same for plugins. The gist of plugin translations are as follows (see the FAQ below for more information): Eventually, all active
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