Everybody knows I love WordPress to the point that I blather on about it like it were my child. Among the things I really love are that it makes my job easier and that its free, open source goodness democratizes online publishing. Just about anyone can create their own website using WordPress and it’s a beautiful thing. Except for those times when its not. For those of you who are not web professionals, WordPress.com (this version lets you host a website for free but with limited theme and plugin options), HubSpot, Wix and the like are nice because they cater to your needs. They’re easy enough to use and they’re cheap, if a bit limited. But to get the full-on WordPress experience, you need to go with the self-hosted version (meaning you host it on your own server or buy hosting from a third-party provider) that is available on WordPress.org. Many hosting providers also provide this flavor of WordPress as a one-click install (well, sometimes more than one click) available through your host’s control panel. The self-hosted version of WordPress opens you up to the entirety of themes and plugins (of which there are well over 40,000 just on the official Plugin Repository) available. That
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