A Guide To Different Options For WordPress Theme Development Are you starting to develop WordPress theme or already developing themes, lets explore and understand what options you have and what to consider in choosing your option for WordPress theme development. Things To Consider For Developing A WordPress Theme? Before exploring the options for WordPress theme development, lets first discuss some important things you should consider before picking an option. Because it all depends on some important factors as follows. Time – Turnaround time for developing this particular WordPress theme. Budget – You or your client have for this. Skills – What is your skill-set for for theme development, such as CSS,HTML,PHP,WordPress Hooks & Functions, etc.. Those were just some of the very important factor, however there may be more things to consider which may vary from person too person, so think of any other important factor for yourself and than choose an option. Your Options for WordPress Theme Development There are a few major options you have for developing WordPress themes, and deciding the right option for you before you jump start the development is really crucial. Because a right option
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