This is our monthly report where we share our business insights as part of our transparency policy. Updates During the past two months, we have shipped 6 new minor updates for version 2.6. We fixed a large number of bugs and incompatibility problems with other plugins. For further details, you can have a look at our changelog : Problem with the Updates Detection We encountered some difficulties with WordPress plugin updates detection in version 2.6.5 . We modified our code in order to reach 100% compatibility with WordPress management tools like MainWP and ManageWP. Unfortunately, we didn’t take into account that this code improvement would have deteriorated the WordPress updates detection. We completely fixed this detection problem in version 2.6.8. From this version on, the update is available within 12 hours, like every free plugin in the official WordPress plugin directory. If you’re still using version 2.6.5, 2.6.6 or 2.6.7, we strongly recommend you to force the update detection following this simple method. Simply add this string at the end of the URL of your plugins page : ?rocket_force_update=1 For example :
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