Providing excellent customer support is one of the most important practices of a successful business, for both online and offline businesses. When things are going smoothly, customer support is a rewarding, feel-good job! However, dealing with challenging situations, even if they are infrequent, can feel stressful and demoralizing. With the right approach, it is possible to positively influence 99% of these situations, decrease the stress level and actually create a win-win. You cannot afford to lose patience with a customer just because they ask questions, request a refund etc. Here are a few tips that will improve communication in these critical moments, and help both parties feel happier. Act fast Sometimes, solving the problem when you are under pressure can be quite difficult, especially when you know your customer is just one step away from abandoning you forever. The best advice I got when I was in this kind of situation, is to act fast, even if I cannot provide a solution with the first reply. It is very important to show you care about your customer, and there is no better way than getting in touch with him/her quickly, and trying to stabilize the situation. This way, you will
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