Man oh man! What a whirlwind of a few weeks it’s been. Two weeks ago, Justin and I had the utmost pleasure to attend CaboPress, a “Mastermind” event organized by Chris Lema. To be honest, we had no idea what a Mastermind event was, and we really had no idea what we we’re getting ourselves into. Regardless, we hopped on a plane to San José del Cabo, Mexico, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. So, what did we learn? What’s a Mastermind event? Was it all it was cracked up to be? I can’t wait to tell you, but first—in classic Lema style—we should start with a story… So, 10 WordPress geeks walk into a bar… For the majority of the trip, we stayed at the resort. After all, it was a 5 star, all-inclusive resort with countless pools and restaurants, luxury amenities, room service, etc. There really wasn’t much reason to leave. But, there were a couple of nights when we went into town, and one night in particular where a group of us took off into the evening to check out the Cabo nightlife! Being a “Mastermind” event, we got the opportunity to meet some really smart people. Not only brilliant from an intellectual standpoint, but there were some world-class communicators, artists,
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