There have been a myriad of articles written about migrating from Blogger to WordPress in the past. I know, because I’ve referenced a lot of them. Just a few weeks ago we had a client who needed to move from Blogger and somehow I ended up with the project. I thought I was the boss? ANYWAY, I hadn’t done a transfer like this for over a year, and I found out the hard way that a lot of things have changed in that time, so I decided it was time for a fresh new tutorial about moving from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger to WordPress Overview I found that there were definitely some technical details that needed to be updated in the tutorials that I had read, but even beyond that I found that while a lot of the tutorials I read accomplished the task at hand, many of them ignored some really important aspects of the migration like SEO, where images are hosted, one to one mapping of content, etc. In this guide I’m going to go through the entire process of moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress while making sure we also pay close attention to all of the following: Search Engine Optimization so you don’t slip in the search rankings 1 to 1 Mapping of URLs so your visitors don’t hit a 404 page
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