Dear readers, The following conversation is made available to help agency owners and clients understand the importance of running a profitable web project. If you’re an agency, this can help start the conversation with your clients. If you’re seeking to hire someone, this is a great primer to work with one another. Thanks for inquiring about your project! We love launching new and engaging projects for our customers. Each project is an opportunity to bring your vision to life, and help you reach the goals you’re striving for. Soon, we’ll start to discuss 90% of our client’s concern: Cost. Before we get there, we need to discuss how to run a profitable project for both of us. As much as we all hope to repurpose existing technology or off-the-shelf designs, we must realize that your idea is unique to you and your goals. That is to say, we don’t have a cookie-cutter solution that we can simply plug in for you. We’ll need to properly plan, outline goals, and do the work to make it a real success. You probably couldn’t throw a stone without hitting another boutique agency. We recognize this as our opportunity to gain your trust and develop a relationship, because in a world where you can
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