Well then, after last weeks somewhat successful AMA, I guess you probably want more. ;) But before we begin, can I ask a small favor, if you're in anyway finding these AMA's useful, would you perhaps tell your friends or anyone else who you think might get some value from them. And if you want to earn extra credit, why not share this annoucment on twitter or Facebook. All support would be much appreciated! Onto the announcement, Our next ama will take place this Wednesday with Adii Pienaar. Adii is probably best known for co-founding and bootstrapping WooThemes, which started out selling commercial WordPress Themes and went on to develop probably the most successful WordPress plugin there is, WooCommerce. He exited WooThemes in 2013 and started his most recent business, https://receiptful.com, which helps online shops send beautiful and engaging e-mail receipts, that includes upsells and marketing messages which helps shop owners make more money! He's also an investor and advisor for http://oboxthemes.com/ and wrote a book on branding, http://brandiing.publicbeta.co/, which is "Your guide to creating profitable, sustainable and awesome brands". You can also check out his blog at http://adii.me/, which has the great headline of "Making New Mistakes", where he shares what he's learning as an entrepreneur, mostly through the new "mistakes" he's making. Next week (28th Oct) our guest will be Jason Cohen, founder of four companies including Smart Bear and currently WP Engine.
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