Hey everyone, just to give you all a heads up, our next ama will take place this Wednesday with Jason Cohen, starting at 11AM Central time. Jason is probably best known to us all as the founder of WPEngine, which he started himself and now has over 30,000 customers and 300 employees! (And they're still hiring! - http://wpengine-careers.com/) He's also built (and sold) multiple software startups, both bootstrapped and funded. (Building 4 to a million or more in revenue!) He's the writer behind the excellent blog, http://blog.asmartbear.com/ where he talks about startups and marketing. He’s an angel investor and partner at http://capitalfactory.com/, which is a startup accelerator in Austin. He's also spoken at many great conferences, such as http://businessofsoftware.org/ & http://www.microconf.com/ to name just a few! Next week (4th Nov) our guest will be Chris Lema, CTO and Chief Strategist at Crowd Favorite, WordPress evangelist and prolific blogger!
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