Developers of digital products and digital content have to wear many hats. It is not enough that they spend time developing a good product, they also need to market their products and offer support to customers. It can be a difficult juggling act. I think to is fair to say that most developers are not natural marketers. I am not someone who is great at marketing either so I can relate to the predicament of having to spend time doing something they do not enjoy; especially when they would rather spend their time improving their product. It is clear, however, that developers are not placing enough emphasis on promoting their products. This is particularly true of developers who sell products through marketplaces. For example, those who sell WordPress themes and plugins, HTML templates, PHP scripts, and Javascript. And to a lesser degree those who sell content such as eBooks, graphics, stock images, videos, and audio. Let us take a closer look at this issue. How Can Developers and Content Producers Sell Their Products? At the heart of any digital product is the need to solve a problem for someone. This is true if it is a WordPress theme, an eBook, or a stock image. You are essentially
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