After each major release of BuddyPress, the BP community discusses (in the Slack channel!) what to include in the following release. BuddyPress 2.4 is no different and includes a few new bells and whistles. Front Page Component Search Fix There is a bug if you have a BuddyPress component set has the front page it would then override blog post search. WordPress uses the front page with the parameter ?s= to search. BuddyPress uses ?s= as well so on the front page there is a conflict. To fix this, Boone added new default search argument for each component. Custom components can supply their own query args as well. If you have previously hard coded ?s= query arg, you may need to check your site. Only on the front page is this a huge issue. ?s= should still work for back compatibility but moving forward you should start using the new arguments specific to a component. During the URL parsing process, don’t interpret requests of the form as being BP component requests, even if a BP component is set to the front page. In order to make component searches continue to work, we change the default search query arguments for each component to be unique. For example, member directory
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