Today we are looking at a brand new form building plugin for WordPress, named CaptainForm it is currently in beta testing phase before the official launch goes ahead. It’s created a by a development team from Romania and is aiming to take on the large form plugins currently available. The plugin is free to download and use while in Beta till version 1.0 launches, if you would like to test the plugin out download it free here. They are also offering a 20% discount when the plugin launches in exchange for your feedback, there is a link in the plugin admin area to a form where you can submit this. Plugin Features Intuitive Editor – With drag-and-drop strength, CaptainForm lets you build web forms right within your WordPress form plugin dashboard. Form Templates – Choose from a gallery of 30+ free form templates. CaptainForm then enables you to customize them as you see fit. Easy Data Management – To CaptainForm, playing with submissions and creating reports and charts is a flight in the park. Advanced Security – One of CaptainForm’s powers is advanced security. SSL encryption, password protection or CAPTCHA, he’s got them. Smart Integrations – CaptainForm works with an ecosystem of app
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