Commentluv, in my honest opinion, is one of the most misunderstood and abused plugins in WordPress. Even with over Commentluv having over 900,000 downloads (as of October 2015), some of the users can’t really understand what it’s for. When Andy Bailey created Commentluv, back in 2009, it was during the time in the blogosphere where people were trying to emphasize the “I return comments” movement. This “I return comments” movement was to encourage bloggers to return comments on other bloggers websites. Andy found a need to encourage this by creating Commentluv, and labeling it as a way to reward bloggers for leaving a comment. It was also to help grow your traffic because your website was encouraging meangingful engagement. The reward was leaving a link to a most recent post from the commentators blog. This reward worked in 2 ways: Easily allowed the blog owner to click on the link to the commentator’s most recent post. Easily allowed other commentators to click on the link left by other bloggers In returning the comment, it not only added to the commentator’s blog, but also built a relationship between yourself and your readers. Here’s a example of how Commentluv looks on
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