WordPress is an incredibly powerful publishing platform with millions of users. With such a huge number of users and an extremely diverse set of usages it’s inevitable that something somewhere goes wrong. We’ve been making WordPress themes since 2009 and have developed our own set of tools to make sure our themes run beautifully out of the box. Occasionally plugins and themes don’t get on or something needs a little tweak to get it working properly. These are the most common WordPress theme issues – and how to fix them. My slider isn’t sliding! My tabs aren’t tabbing! This is a super common issue and really easy to fix. Sliders, tabs and other interactive parts of your site (fancy dropdown menus) typically use something called JavaScript (“JS” for short) to power their sliding. Themes and plugins often both use JS and WordPress is totally cool with this. With best practices followed, themes and plugins can use sliders and other JS features and there’s no problem at all. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen. If your slider isn’t sliding or your tabs aren’t tabbing, you’ve probably got a plugin conflict. “Plugin conflict” is web speak for your plugin is not built as it should have been and
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