The most common support request for Genesis child themes is how to change the default styles – in particular, changing colors and fonts. Most StudioPress child themes include a few color scheme options, but what if they don’t “fit” your blog or business brand? If you aren’t familiar with CSS, or editing theme files, making relatively simple design changes can be overwhelming and thoroughly frustrating experience. Creating a professional looking design for your website can be simple, and easily achieved using Design Palette Pro. In this post I’ll give you a brief overview of the plugin, and offer some tips for creating a beautiful and cohesive design that fits your brand. Choose the Right “Theme” Design Palette Pro currently supports almost all of the StudioPress Pro themes, and eventually will include all StudioPress themes, plus any future additions. The first and most important step is to choose a theme with a layout that fits the website goals. Think of the theme as the foundation, and Design Palette Pro as the finishing touch. Take the time to evaluate themes, and chose the right one. No amount of styling will make a theme what it is not intended to be. A little tip… Familiarize
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