This is PART 2 of our email marketing case study. In PART 1, we discussed our general list building and email marketing strategy, our growth rate, the subscription forms we use, the tools we use to run those forms, what’s our email service provider and why, and how we go about convincing people to subscribe. Make sure to check it out prior to getting through this part. Since we have already discussed everything related to email marketing that’s happening on the blog itself, today let’s focus on what’s going on inside the inboxes of our subscribers. In other words, here’s everything about the emails we send, the results we get, the campaigns we run, etc. And most importantly, what works and what doesn’t. An overview of the kinds of emails we send Basically, there are two kinds of emails that we usually send: “New post notifications” – where we tell people about something new being published on the blog. “Exclusive content” – guides, tutorials, other info that doesn’t get published elsewhere – things that are created exclusively for the newsletter. I should also add that none of our emails are 100% automated. This means that new post notifications aren’t generated straight from the RSS
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